Thoughts on Yahoo!

It is all over the internet about Yahoo!’s new logo. The company has been under Marissa Mayer’s control for more than a year and things are going in the right direction. 


As a Yahoo! user for more than a decade, here are some of my thoughts.

First of all, they need to change from being Tech company from 90’s. Y! is similar to Apple in building products. The initial prototype of the Yahoo!’s product are PERFECT. The main philosophy with the creative and passionate Yahoo-ers is to build great product and move on. Instead of iterating the product, a new group takes control to scale and make a revenue out of it. There is nothing wrong about this approach except that it won’t work now.

Most of them were ONCE popular service and as time passed, turned into OLDIES. Say for an example, Flickr is an awesome photo sharing portal acquired by Yahoo 8 years ago. As the years passed, couldn’t they have iterated to build Instagram ? Another example would be (again) 8-year-old AWESOME portal called Yahoo! answers. I had never seen any major revamp including design until Marissa Mayer’s administration. Even Google Search broke-up with Yahoo! answers and started having relationship with StackOverFlow… :P

Poor Yahoo! answers. Why you no rank well in Google? 

What actually Yahoo! needs is to change from old internet portal in to a vibrant new and young STARTUP. It includes taking more risk in new niche market and at the same time, polish old products. Instead of creating yet another Mobile OS, they need to partner with Firefox, Ubuntu. I would recommend to collaborate and build mobile hardware for those platform and have Yahoo! as a service. In order to achieve that Y! needs to partner with many companies, developers and let people use them in Y!’s orbit.

Unless they have at least 10 to 20%, they should ditch products such as Maps, Search. It is really hard to revamp, improve and it takes a hell of time & resource. Google did it because NOBODY did it correctly and it had time to learn.

They should be in a right-balance between Google’s data driven and Facebook’s people centric culture. At the same time, Work as a small (startup) team like Google and having ONE clear vision like Apple.


Yahoo! Take 2!!

  A way to build trust and as a Web 3.0 company, key people should become face of the company. 

To be continued . . .

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