WiredTree Web Hosting is Deteriorating

Since late 2011, I have been using WiredTree. Their service and support was in top-notch during the first year and it is deteriorating for the past few months.


WiredTree server tries to run on latest stable OS, Software, Network firmware and have scheduled maintenance regularly. But in doing so, I had to face two or three – 30 minutes downtime in the middle of the day when the website gets significant traffic.

 Support team:

Whenever the server goes down, the support team restores it back (usually after 30 minutes). Over a month, they change between 32M, 64M and 96M and say that, my server is facing high memory resource usage. They couldn’t set an optimal value and keeps on changing them every time when the server is down.

WiredTree downtime

Out of Memory logs:

WiredTree has proprietary client portal called “Groove” to manage DNS, monitor server usage & performance, out of memory logs, billing, support ticket etc. The problem with that is their Out of Memory log section doesn’t work. So whenever support team replies with high memory usage limit, there is no transparent way of knowing it.

 15 mins response:

WiredTree official twitter account claims to have maximum 15 minutes response for a support ticket and their engineers have physical access to Hardware node (which means they maintain and control every aspect of the server and network).

 That’s bullshit…

 Yesterday when my entire server went down, I created a support ticket at 1.27PM (IST) and support team replied only at 2.13 PM stating that “They are investigating the issue”. All the websites were fully restored 6.14 PM (i.e) after 4 hours and 47 minutes. I should also mention that the issue started with a client’s wordpress site. It was down since 11 AM and he reported me after losing the hope.

SLA agreement:

WiredTree Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) – 100% Network Uptime

WiredTree guarantees network availability for our public Internet network to be 100%. In the event that our network does not experience 100% network uptime in a given month, WiredTree will refund 5% of the customer’s monthly service fees for those servers affected, for each 30 minutes of network downtime experienced up to 100% of the monthly service fees for those servers affected.

Last week I was facing similar issue for extensive period and the billing team “Calvin” was generous enough to provide my free credit for 1 week. Now that the problems are regular and I’m feeling to move away from WiredTree even though they might extend next billing cycle by giving free credit.

What’s the point in having website when it offline?

I will be migrating from Wiredtree soon. If you have recommendations, please comment below :)

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