Youtube Channel crosses half a million views

I started publishing videos to my YouTube Channel +SivaGanesh as a fun hobby. The premise is to share a solution to tech-related issues under 2 minutes.

Buying AppleCare Warranty from US for your Indian Macbook Air/Pro

Short Version : Yes. It works (based on my experience). You can buy it from or B&H and extend Macbook Air/Pro’s Warranty  :) I purchased Macbook Air(MBA) 13.3″ from Imagine Store last September. Since the warranty was about to expire in few days, I was confused whether to extend the Warranty or not. I normally don’t buy Warranty or Insurance for products such […]

Facebook Story – Noah Kogan

If you are interested in knowing ‘How Facebook was, when it was in early stage”, check out Noah Kogan’s ebook.

[Video] From Zero to Superhero – Dreams by Darren Rowse

An interesting talk by a ProBlogger – Darren Rowse about following your Dreams.

My YouTube Channel Promo Video

I have been creating video tutorial in my YouTube Channel with the philosophy of 

Biggest lessons as a Startup founder

To break the silence (of this blog), I’m writing this article ;) Someone from Quora asked “What is your biggest lessons as a Startup founder”? After working for Trentz Interactive for 18 months, here are the lessons I learnt.

Thoughts on Yahoo!

It is all over the internet about Yahoo!’s new logo. The company has been under Marissa Mayer’s control for more than a year and things are going in the right direction. 

Apple Event – iPhone 5C??

Few hours ago, AllthingsD confirmed the Apple event on September 10. There are many rumors about cheaper iPhone dubbed as iPhone 5C.  I also believe, low-cost iPhone can improve Apple’s smartphone share especially in developing countries such as India and China. Here are few thoughts about it.

[Youtube updates] GPA Sheet Promo, Change default folder view and more

In the last few days, I have been active in uploading new video tutorials on YouTube. Check them out.

YouBroadband downtime report

I have been using YouBroadBand internet service for more than a year. The internet service is good(not best though). I have opted for Dual Speed(12Mbps/1Mbps) 1 Mbps Unlimited plan. This post is a reference to myself – see monthly downtime and to others – who are considering to switch to YouBroadBand (Update Aug 28, 2014: Avoid YBB).