Apple Event – iPhone 5C??

Few hours ago, AllthingsD confirmed the Apple event on September 10. There are many rumors about cheaper iPhone dubbed as iPhone 5C.  I also believe, low-cost iPhone can improve Apple’s smartphone share especially in developing countries such as India and China. Here are few thoughts about it.

Apple and Tim Cook

iPhone 5C? Whaaaaaaat….. Apple names them as iPhone 5 Cheap ? As one of the top brands, it is important to name the product well. It could be  iPhone mini,  iFone, uPhone or other cheesy name ;)

Many people say, the cheap iPhone will come in plastic. Yeah, sure … but it is not the way of Apple. Most of the products are Environmental friendly material. Plastics are not the way to go. [About bio-degradable plastic] Further, if  you  can build (aluminum cased) iPod for $229, why not put them on low-cost iPhone.

Next and important thing is price. Apple products have fluctuating price across the world. If customers needs to get it cheaper, Apple should work around to get the price FLAT or nearly same in all the countries (and without letting retails stores charge big chunk)

Besides iPhone, expecting Macbook Pro with Intel 4 Gen Haswell Processor & flash storage for basic version and iWatch ;)

What else do you think?

Photo courtesy  : Deerkoski

Update:  iPhone 5c is announced. Apple playing with colours.  :D

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