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My work belief: Since I'm going to spend most of my time working, I want to spend it on things that improve people's life and love doing it.

Hi, I'm Sivaganesh Kannan. Most friends call me by the name "Siva".

I'm passionate about solving problems through technology and love working with smart people who wants to change the world. I believe the combination of technology and business can transform people's life and society. My first fascination with technology started with a device called "pager" when I was four years old. It was early 90's, and the mobile phones were not popular. My dad used the pager to communicate with his colleagues. It fascinated me how a simple device helped people convey the message at ease.

My Inpiration:

While growing up as a teenager, I have been inspired by a lot of people - Mozart, Einstein, Steve Jobs., to name a few. But my first source of inspiration is my dad. He is an Engineer and very good at it. No matter what appliance it is, he would dismantle, inspect and fix it. He is a curious and problem solver himself. He has worked in the prestigious Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO), Etisalat UAE and many more during his career. He lived in India, UAE, Malaysia, Ghana and that inspired my three siblings and myself to venture and live in different parts of the world. He is a real motivation for us.

Countries I have lived: India, UAE, UK

Favorite Movie of all time: The Matrix

Music playlist(while working): The Imitation Game, Interstellar

Non-Profit Contribution: Sponsoring a child through WorldVision India, Monthly donation to Barnardo's Children's charity, UK

Engineer(Intern) -Spacecraft Digital, Leicester UK
2017 - 2018

• As part of my MSc course, I worked as an Intern at Spacecraft Digital (a Jadu company)

• Development and implementation of the deployment plan

• Deploy web application to Internal, Pre-Prod/UAT, LIVE websites for the UK and international customers including Manchester City Council, City of York Council

Freelance Web Developer - FutureRising, UK
2015 - 2016

• Design and develop new functionality in the custom MVC framework

• Worked closely with the founders to incorporate new features

• Prioritise various tasks and effectively delivered them on time

Freelance Web Developer - CanCanHQ, India
2015 - 2016

• The first employee to join the team and work on the product.

• Built backend API in the MVC framework for the mobile apps to work with.

• Develop CanCan Team Panel to view User Orders, Customers information, Analytics for Administration.

Senior Software Engineer - ProvenLogic, India
2014 - 2015

• Worked on Popular Technologies - MVC Framework - Laravel, CodeIgniter, REST APIs, Integration with third party service such as Stripe, Mandrill

• Helped to set up and deploy web applications to Cloud Service such as Amazon Web Service(AWS) for the customers

• Built a custom solution for ProvenLogic to help support and sales team

• Mentored Junior Web developers

Co-founder - Trentz Interactive Services Private Limited, India
2012 - 2014

• Worked on DexterIt - an integrated knowledge platform that brings together learnings needed from college to career into a single platform and uses scientific tools and methods to evaluate progress.

• Worked on Quedesk - an integrated testing platform that brings together features needed for testing and analysing students in schools, colleges or training institutes, which can be used to manage test audience, build various tests and track performance.

MSc in Advanced Computer Science with Industry - University of Leicester
2016 - 2018

Grade: Distinction

Nanodegree - Udacity

Graduate of "iOS Developer" Nanodegree program.

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science- Anna University
2009 - 2013

Grade: First Class


• "Best Software Project" award in the MSc project category.

• A fellow at the Startup Leadership Program(SLP) in Chennai.

• Recognition of the valuable contribution and leadership exhibited during IEEE All India Student Congress(AISC) 2013 by IEEE India Council.

• Letter of Appreciation for remarkable services as an active Student Volunteer of IEEE Madras Section.

• Secured All India Rank 111 in TSI Maths Olympiad (level III) in class XII (2008-09)


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