It started 5 years ago

On July 29, 2009, I registered my first domain and tried to build Social Network for college student without any knowledge on programming.

Sure, I have failed :P

But in those 5 years, I learnt a lot. At that time, it was a fun time hobby. Today I spend most of my time building and learning new things on the web.

I got help from fellow bloggers and developers with their open source projects.

On this occasion, I’m giving away 1 Year – free web hosting to new developers and bloggers. I’m limiting this 10 people.

If you are interested, please fill out this form(link removed). Got quite a lot of entries. The promo has come to an end :)

If you live in Chennai, feel free to connect. I can share video tutorials on Web development, creating Mobile Apps and lot more.

All websites are hosted on my premium dedicated server from WiredTree.

Watch “The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz”

Aaron Swartz was an American computer programmer, writer, political organizer and Internet Hacktivist. Read more about him 


Watch the full movie for free :

Rent or Buy from Vimeo:

Facebook Story – Noah Kogan

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Startup Leadership Program(SLP)


Fellow and aspiring entrepreneurs requested feedback* for Startup Leadership Program(SLP). Here is a brief article**

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[Video] From Zero to Superhero – Dreams by Darren Rowse

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My YouTube Channel Promo Video

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Biggest lessons as a Startup founder

To break the silence (of this blog), I’m writing this article ;)


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Thoughts on Yahoo!

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Apple Event – iPhone 5C??

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